Monday Motivation 

02. January 2017 KTM Revelator, Updates 0
Monday Motivation 


How was your 2016?

OriolBikes 2016 – What an incredible cycling year with over 1,800 miles ridden, starting with the goal of finishing GFNY, which I did with only 400 miles of training on my legs and with a time of 8:23. I rode 100 miles in 3 occasions. I went from an entry road bike to being sponsored by KTM Bike Industries riding their top of the line Revelator Prime frameset that I pieced together on my own. 

OriolBikes KTM Revelator Bicycle with Token wheels under George Washington bridge New York
Monday Motivation courtesy of KTM Revelator Prime and Token C50 Zenith

I received the support of Science in Sport who helped me tremendously with my nutrition and hydration on/off the bike. Towards the end of the season, Token Products came on board to help me be faster and finish the look of the KTM. 

Cycling has introduced me to great people, great friends and incredible experiences that wouldn’t have been possible without cycling. For 2017, the goals are bigger and the training will be more demanding, but I’m ready! 

A huge thank you to those who have helped me along the way this year, without you it would have been much harder!

What are your goals for 2017?