Science In Sport USA Expansion

Science In Sport USA Expansion

Since the official US launch in July of 2016, Science In Sport has seen a steady growth that saw them sign a one-year deal with USA Cycling to become the official sports nutrition supplier. Leading SiS’s expansion into the USA is Tonya Wearner, who became General Manager of Science In Sport North America in February 2017.

SiS is the Official Partner of USA Cycling after securing a 1 year deal

I was introduced to Tonya through Stephen in order to continue helping fuel my effort towards GFNY NYC 2017. As you might remember from an earlier post, Stephen was kind enough after I finished GFNY 2016 to send me a few SiS products to try out.

With US operations up and running, Tonya would is able to provide me the products I need quicker and able to offer assistance more efficiently. During our conversations, I was offered the opportunity to become a Science In Sport Ambassador. I was stoked to be considered for such an incredible opportunity, especially since SiS helped me change my views on nutrition and helped me improve my training. Not only was I going to be fueled properly by the best in the business, but also help a great company grow in the US.

During our last conversation, I asked Tonya a few questions about her role with SiS, what the future holds and even what is her favorite product.

OriolBikes: How did you get involved with Science In Sport?

Tonya: “I used to be the Vice President at American Rec and really loved the sports industry. When SiS approached me, I owned my own consulting agency and based on the opportunity to launch SiS I closed it up and took the job.

OB: What impressed you the most about Science In Sport?

Tonya: “What impressed me the most is the scientific research and testing that is put in to every product we make. I really believe in it and the benefits that it brings to athlete performance. Our current relationship with Team Sky, British Cycling and USA Cycling drive us to keep innovating.”

team sky nutrition science in sport
Team SKY is #FueledByScience

OB: What are your goals for 2017?

Tonya: For 2017 getting the product in the hands of athletes is our number one goal. We also need to spread the word about the brand coming to the US and to help educate people on the benefits of an isotonic product.

OB: The ambassador program is an integral part of Science In Sport’s expansion into the US market. What is the role of the SiS ambassador?

Tonya: Our ambassadors are an extension of our SiS US Team. They are all impressive athletes that we have chosen because we value their opinion on product development and their influence in their athlete community.

OB: The catalog of US products is different compared to UK, with a few items not being offered as well as less flavors. Are US regulations more complex than UK?

Tonya: We are working on extending our US offering in several ways – we will be adding more categories and more flavors in the immediate future. It is important that we tailor our items to the needs and likes of the US athlete.

OB: What is your favorite SiS product?

Tonya: I really enjoy the SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel in the Berry flavor.

OB: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Tonya: Getting a new product in front of athletes in a country as large as the US takes some time, but I am confident once they try it they will be hooked!

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