Zwift North American Tour

30. November 2016 Information, Products 0
Zwift North American Tour

Zwift Tour North America

The Zwift North America Tour is rolling into the Big Apple!

Today, the Zwift North America Tour is arriving in New York City to celebrate Zwift’s community and provide a first look at Zwift on iOS as well as Zwift Virtual Reality.

With a sellout crowd, it promises to be a great night for the Zwift community, both current and new users. With Zwift stations set up for King Of Mountain (KOM) and Queen Of Mountain (QOM), there will be quite some competition to see who’s fastest, with live commentary from Amgen Tour of California Announcer Dave Towle and legendary UCI announcer Richard Fries to add extra motivation.

For me, the Zwift North America Tour will provide me with the opportunity to experience Zwift for the first time and be able to chat with Zwift representatives as I start finishing the preparations to start riding with Zwift. Waiting on the delivery of the Elite Misuro B+ Sensor (an Ant+ and Bluetooth Smart Speed/Power/Cadence sensor that monitors indoor training sessions) to make my current Elite Turbomuin Trainer connect with my Mac in order to use Zwift, this Tour couldn’t come at a better time.

What is Zwift?

Zwift Setup

Zwift is a turbo trainer game that enables you to link you turbo trainer up your computer, your iPad and iPhone, letting you ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment, therefore helping to alleviate some of the boredom associated with indoor riding. You’re able to ride with riders from over 150 countries, join virtual group rides to stay motivated and challenge yourself as well as training plans tailored to your ability with data analytics. For only $10 per month, it’s one of the best training tools for cyclists to be able to train from the comfort of your own home.

Throughout the event, I will be updating my Twitter account with pictures and comments. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out my impressions of the event and Zwift!